Glare and Mirror

sometimes I deceive myself

believing I’m stronger than I am;

in personal matters

I couldn’t give a damn

there’s too much

world suffering to meet the eye

of mine and what’s happening inside.

I’ve hurt

but who hasn’t?

I’m hurting but my legs remain

unscathed. I scream,

taking a breath

to do so, with a voice

others can hear.


sometimes I say

‘I don’t deserve to suffer’

not because I shouldn’t

nor that others should more

but that with the privilege

granted since birth

surely all I must feel is gratitude.


gratitude for family, friends

and shelter for an able body

promised food, stability.

gratitude for a lifetime

out of sight, out of mind

of war, poverty and violence.

yet sensitivity still follows me

its presence marked as tears

streaming sorrow, bequeathing

a pensive tomorrow


my woes are inexpensive

though too uncompromising.

with a destined glare

and mirror,

hurt will be here.


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