Song a wrote a little while ago, will post a recording soon….

Mop it up, soak it in
It feels like it’s a sin
But we need it sometimes (x2)

My head’s swimming, thoughts are jaggered
Don’t feel like it’ll end
They say hope yields from the soul
But now it sounds like pretend
Defend my glory with a stutter
To explain the coincidence
That I don’t live under a dollar
Like the 50 percent
Wanna live through compassion
But the suffering is hard
Creeping slowly from the inside
Spreading til I regard
That maybe there’s no other option
Play the cynical card
Curl my body so the guilt
Won’t pierce through it as a shard
Say enlightenment’s sweet
But bitter too, can augment
Sense of chaos with the notion
That love’s inherent
We ignore and bow to ego
A pursuit prevalent –
Coping mechanism endowed
By our pleasure instinct
This is clearly killing us
I see why I resent
The thought of leaving the stank
I’ve found myself buried in
No body here I can work with,
Just my mind apparent
Counting the days until
My lack of energy’s spent
Cos, I know I should keep living
Though I mean sacrifice
Myself for a higher aim –
So others live, not survive
This morale’s transitory
Soon I’ll be alive
Spreading insight with the people
That keep me inspired
To live another day hoping
We will all recognise
We exist as one entity –
To love is to thrive

I don’t wanna feel helpless anymore
But simultaneously I feel rapport
Between me and my sadness
My guilt and my gladness

Expansion and contraction
Inevitable reaction
To a world of mass detraction
And it’s sensory impaction
(It’s) natural to feel attraction
To the realm of craved distraction
But it’s stunting my own action
To my hope, I feel retraction

Retraction (x14)

Mop it up, soak it in
It feels like it’s a sin
But we need sometimes (x2)

Soaking up the sorrow
I’ve neglected to see
Throughout the time I’ve been racing
So it doesn’t kill me
The shame is hard to ignore
But it’s reality
With the rise must come fall
To summon our clarity

Every chip at the soul
Leaves more room for the light
I know a lesson is lurking
In this internal fight
Between my drive and my comfort
Objective and my fright
Don’t know if the world is waking
But I’m preying it might

My head’s sore, I don’t know
If I should keep moving
Or be sinning
Cos I’m bruising
With this feeling

Restore, I no more
Find it amusing
Or appealing
In refusing
Our healing

Mop it up, soak it in
It feels like it’s a sin
But we need it sometimes (x2)

Retraction (x14)


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