We are volcanoes.

Tap into the place of love

And feel your anger erupt

In the form of passion

Our bodies are the earth

Our emotions, magma

But we’ve misplaced ejected

Desperation and anger,

Directing it at each other

Instead of harnessing it for solution.

A revolution is happening

Slowly, comfort zone exposed as

Elite’s imposing regime

And that our crystalline fixtures are temporary,

We can use them for substance, not substances

Erotic, narcotic headrushes

Are nothing

Compared to the clarity of creative adrenaline.

Anger, misplaced

Pleasure, misplaced

Longing, misplaced

Will power, misplaced

Our planet, disgraced

By the rat-race

Most are convinced as the only possible reality;

A totality of dog-eat-dog

Terror-based strategy –

Fucking travesty.

The pursuit to survive is killing us tragically.

If we can’t accept our vulnerability

We can’t accept our responsibility

And the only thing we can register

Is success in excess

Whilst bottling a throttling life-stess

Toppling our blessed worth

Futher into the earth’s chasm.

Eventually her, our repressed

Strife for peace will organism

Messy in our words, will adrenalise.

In anger, we’re heard

But analyse, read and verse

And we’ll direct it where it’s worth.

The world is our turf,

What? Why? When?

What the fuck are we doing leaching it?

Why do we choose to be a virus

When we can be the cure?

No more, no more

The revolution is here

No more, nore more

The revolution is here

Don’t store, don’t store

Your passion in fear

You’re more,  you’re more

Than what you see clear

No more, no more

The revolution is here

You’re for, you’re for

A collective tear.

Communities grow from pain

Art, oppression to piercing expression

And shapes the cultural values

Today, in our name.

It’s a natural progression

To law transgression

Before we become the ones who change them.

So fuck the monuments of slavery,

They’re no longer apt art

Unless we want them to be,

This is democracy.

As long as we are living through ourselves

As opposed to insecurity

We’ll stand in dialectic.

No matter how hectic,

We are here

And we are here together.

We are the earth

Our bodies, volcanoes

Tap into the place of love

And feel your anger erupt

In the form of passion.

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