Rejected, Lost Infants

Do you see the soul in me

Beyond all of the misery

Held between the both of us

Distracting from the vigorous

Fire, continuous

Beyond the fond

Cling to paper thin grins

Illusive shell, too well

Concealing us within

You, the soul

I, the soul

Precious little things.

Who marked the moment vulnerability halts

When our legs bolt

Upwards and exemptions moult.

Forgive the faults

Of the rejected, lost infants

Cleanse the salt

From the wound

Not let jolt

Us into attuned

Inhibitions, loomed

For which we bask in

Assumed lead to covert doom.

We hurt, weary, wary goons

Spoon fed our shame

As though we’re immune.

The healing continues

Our suffering undone

Whence returned to the ocean

Our waves lay upon.

We’ll dance beneath the moon and sun

For love for all begins with one


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