Summer Executions

Summer executions

By adrenalised confusion,

A cry for authority

To maintain the conclusion –

Irrational’s the new rational

Tone set for disillusion

Compromising for exclusion

An assured diffusion.


Trickle down democracy

Deigned to extent of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Give me sound bites, provoke fear

As it’s the only trace of feeling that’s a mere

Refreshment from despondency.

Don’t respond to me, only take

At stake is simply my will to keep hoping

My method of coping,

The inevitable scoping

Of anything loud enough

To redeem the degraded self-esteem.

Jaded nights to beseem

Continuing in the mainstream

And if you dare gleam

A slight glint of an alternative

‘You poor lamb, clearly you’re weak, 

Admittedly the future’s bleak  

Though let speak the antique arcadia 

Of tory mania 

We will provide the stability  

As you drop your fucking dream 

Pick up your brick and think of the queen’. 


Hold me down to life’s great intensity,

Emitted by illusive propensity.

It is in this awareness thou shalt not participate

In the realm of thought that validates

Isolation over trust

Compassion, quelled by lust,

A must, much wielded

With thrust, joy be yielded

As the sole purpose we see through.

Acting on our true

Weight of empathy

As a sole remedy

For all that is connected

Inspiring the deserved elected.


The revolution starts with you

The war on terror’s

An internal endeavour,

It ceases whenever

Introspection sever’s

The decision to be terrorised.

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