Theresa May’s Mind


What there lurks in Theresa May’s mind?

The remnants of trauma of which to find?

An untamed ocean under lifeless locks?

Or a linear guide of who to mock?

I flock from sagacity

To a rageous tenacity

When she has the audacity

To ‘snap’ our capacity

From the ‘strong and stable’ base,

Disgraced by the unfigured promises she has to face.


I could extend on manifesto amends

Though the focus will lend

To a softened end;

Theresa May, with love I say

Do not betray your truth.

I may show my youth

To assert the ruthless simply require compassion

Though the only way to fathom

Wilfully ignored tortured cries

Is if she turns a blind eye to her own.

Unknown whimpers behind a brittle thrown.

Tone set by denial shall break the bone

Of worth, and birth

The barriers of isolation.


A nation based on reason

With themselves and their demons

Shall meet the field of forgiveness,

And the will of trust

That anguish lies in every one of us.

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